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The popular Vtuber brand hololive once again launched a collaboration with Bandai namco (ナムコ) in Japan, launching four doll machine sceneries including Baishang Fuxue, Dajinmin, Maoyou Xiaoconge, and Xushen Qinyin. In addition, there are hanging scrolls that are sold exclusively online, Various products such as image rings are launched simultaneously.

From October 22nd to November 23rd, Japan Bandai Namco’s claw machine will be added to the hololive live main limited scene, including acrylic stand, acrylic stand drawing board, long towel, etc., all can be used in the claw machine Start in.

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Of course, the wallets of overseas fans will not be spared. The official announcement is that online limited items will be sold. From now until November 24th, B1 size hanging scrolls and rings designed with the image of 4 live players can be purchased at the NAMCO Parks online store.

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From the ring box to the ring body, it is filled with personal elements. In addition, it is the same style used by the 4 people in the main visual of this event. It really became a topic on Twitter. Fans who are interested in buying should not miss it!


The reference price of “hololive x namco” B1 size hanging scroll is 6,600 yen; the reference price of ring is 13,750 yen.


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