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If you don’t think the only thing that matters in boxing is making money, look at what happened over the weekend with Evander Holyfield.

The former heavyweight champion risked his life by stepping into a ring at 58 to win a few pesos. He starred in a charade that people paid for that would have hurt boxing a lot if it weren’t for the fact that the sport is already heavily tainted.

The promoters of Triller Fight Club, obtained a license for Holyfield to fight in Florida and moved there, at the last minute, an evening originally scheduled in California, after an Oscar de la Hoya fight was suspended because he said he had contracted the COVID-19.

Holyfield offered no apology after losing by TKO in the first round to a former MMA fighter after landing just one punch. He apparently lives out of reality, as after the match he said that he now wanted to fight Mike Tyson.

Hopefully the people of Triller are paying attention, because they too should apologize. Bringing an individual four years out of retirement age into the ring at the last minute didn’t just make an already-bad-looking sport look bad. He also endangered a man’s life for financial reasons alone.

The boxer who beat up a Holyfield who looked slow and confused.


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