Home beauty treatments are popular

Claire, a company executive, 39, is a regular at Wecasa. This 39-year-old mother of three has tested almost all of the platform’s services: “manicure / pedicure, hairdresser, massage or even aesthetics,” she smiles. “The hairdresser is especially for my daughters aged 6, 4 and 8 months. It is much more practical to have a professional come to the house, they do not have to wait in a waiting room, especially in the current context, ”explains this resident of Courbevoie (Hauts-de-Seine).

Created four years ago, this application which connects individuals and professionals for home services has experienced a boom in activity since deconfinement: “+ 700% in May! Since June, we have had three times more activity than last year during the same period ”, rejoices one of the founders, Pierre André. “It is especially the daily services that work well: cuts, waxing, etc. Brushings or manicures are progressing less particularly because there are few weddings and more teleworking, ”he explains.

Originally, he had imagined this application for “parents lacking time” and who did not particularly want to spend their Saturday afternoon in a hairdressing salon … “There, it is the professional who comes. at home, at the time that suits individuals, ”he assures us while the platform has 3,000 service providers (hairdressers, beauticians but also childcare or cleaning), half of which in Ile-de-France . In this fragmented market, Wecasa is one of the players offering the widest range of services at national level.

With the health crisis, Wecasa has also attracted these French people reluctant to go to a hairdressing salon as well as these telecommuting employees who can no longer take advantage of the lunch break to go to the local institute. “Since the deconfinement, I haven’t stopped,” smiles Atika, one of the hairdressers who works in Paris. I have 20% additional reservation requests. Often, after September 15, things calm down. But here, my schedule for the month is already almost full. “Alexandra, 46, beautician, also in Paris” must even refuse from the world. “

Rather than working in salons, the two women have chosen to be “independent”. “This allows you to be free of your schedules,” says Atika. They can also have their own network and refuse benefits. “The advantage of the platform is that we don’t need to look for customers,” explains Alexandra.

20% commission for the application

This service provided by Wecasa obviously has a price: the platform charges a 20% commission to professionals on the price offered to customers. “It’s frankly correct, it allows you to earn a good living”, points Alexandra. And as for the prices of services, set by the platform, they are “rather cheap” according to customers. “Before, when I went to my hairdresser, I rarely got out for less than 200 euros. There, I am around 80-100 euros for a similar service – cut, color, brushing – and of quality ”, rejoices Sophie, dentist in Montrouge (Hauts-de-Seine) and client since last year. Pierre André de Wecasa says: “the prices are accessible and fairly equivalent to what can be found in so-called normal institutes or salons. “

A quick glance at the price list confirms this. In the Paris region, it is thus necessary to count 27.90 euros for “whole leg hair removal” where Yves Rocher invoices this service 32 euros. On the hairdresser’s side, the price for the “shampoo-cut” is between 33.90 euros and 43.90 euros (depending on the cut) against 42 euros in Franck Provost salons.

Only downside: on Wecasa, you have to book services for a minimum of 22 euros. “It is to justify the displacement of the person. If it comes just for eyebrow hair removal at 8.90 euros, it is not very profitable, ”says Pierre André. It should also be noted that the prices are not the same in the provinces, in the Paris region and in the capital: the children’s cut is thus billed 17.90 euros in Essonne, 19.90 euros in Paris and 14.90 euros in Lille. (North).

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