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IOS 14.5 updateIt is the latest new versions of the iPhone devices, according to what was announced by the American company “Apple”, and this update comes in the presence of a set of features that will make the use easier, and therefore we explain in the following lines the most important information related to the new iOS 14.5 update for iPhone phones, According to 9to5mac and the BBC.

IOS 14.5 update details

IOS 14.5 update, Apple began testing it 3 months ago immediately after the release of its final release to users, and at that time it advised users not to apply the new update before making sure to backup data.

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The iOS 14.5 update is available for all iPhones following the iOS 14 system, starting with the iPhone 6s and later.

IOS 14.5 update features

Among the various features of the iOS 14.5 update for iPhone phones, according to the American company “Apple”, to provide support for unlocking the user’s iPhone by using the “Apple Watch”, at the time of wearing the medical mask.

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Among the features of the iOS 14.5 update are also about 200 new emoji, dual-SIM support for 5G, as well as new voices for the Siri voice assistant, and updated Podcast and music apps.

How to unlock an iPhone using Apple Watch

Among the advantages of the iOS 14.5 update, unlock the iPhone by installing the iOS 14.5 update, then you have to open the Settings app on the iPhone, then search for the Face ID and Passcode setting, and immediately after that, the Apple Watch will be authenticated from the iPhone.

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And the new iOS 14.5 update for the iPhone, includes a transparency feature followed by the new applications.


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