Homeopathy: Boiron Laboratories employees on strike, a first for 88 years

They traveled during the night, from all over France, to meet, this Wednesday morning, with placards and shock slogans in front of their company’s headquarters in Messimy (Rhône). For the first time in 88 years of existence, Boiron laboratories have suffered a strike from their staff. Unheard of by the world leader in homeopathy, which has built its image on well-being at work and exemplary social dialogue.

But the announcement of a social plan of 646 employees, out of a French workforce of 2396 people and the closure of 12 sites out of the 31 in the national territory has ignited the powder. “This is the result of the announcement of the delisting of homeopathy for 2021”, announces Valérie Lorentz-Poinsot, director of the company.

The group makes a profit

“False excuse to reduce the wage bill! »Considers, waving her banner, Catherine Dessay, FO delegate of the Pau site which must lose 8 of its 26 employees. For this 54-year-old logistics manager who has spent her entire career at Boiron, “this social plan is in contradiction with the company’s results”. “The results, in France, are indeed down, but the group overall is doing well and making profits”, she assures by denouncing “the lack of strategy of the company which was not able to anticipate the departure the retirement of a large number of homeopathic doctors ”. For Jean-Yves Audouard, FO representative, stationed at Messimy, “the delisting is not the only one involved: management takes the opportunity to reduce the payroll”.

A few hundred meters from the roundabout where the 200 or so employees gathered, in the brightly colored glazed premises overlooking the sheep pastures, Valérie Lorentz-Poinsot, who took the reins of the family group last year , receives employees to explain the situation to them. “This is the first time that we have encountered such a hard crisis, it is a real thunderclap, we did not expect such a shock”, she confides, looking serious, “since then that Agnès Buzyn (Editor’s note: then Minister of Health) in 2018 launched the homeopathy delisting project, we lost 30% of our activity, and 50 million euros in turnover ”.

VIDEO. Agnès Buzyn: “Why I decided to completely waive homeopathy”

While the international market is developing, the French market would have anticipated the delisting of homeopathic prescriptions scheduled for 2021, “because in the minds of people, it has already been done”. Agnès Buzyn, homeo-skeptic and craftsman of the dismantling of this alternative medicine has been replaced by Olivier Véran, who does not seem more sensitive to the cause of this therapeutic method, however acclaimed by 76% of the French. So today, Valérie Lorentz-Poinsot calls on Emmanuel Macron.

“We ask him to reconsider this decision, to give us more time to return and to keep the reimbursement at 15%, which costs almost nothing to Health Insurance and allows us to save a world leader, a flagship French whose entire production is carried out in France, ”she pleads. In this period of economic crisis which is superimposed on the health crisis, Boiron still has hopes of saving his credibility.

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