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Saturday, September 25, 2021, 12:14

Marriott Announces Commitment to a Zero Carbon Emission Organization

Marriott International, Inc. (Nasdaq: MAR) (Marriot) today announced it is submitting a letter to the Science Based Targets consortium, pledging that:

• Set targets to reduce carbon dioxide emissions in all dimensions. Corresponds to a warmer climate of 1.5 degrees Celsius.
• Set long-term scientific foundation goals. To become a zero greenhouse gas emissions organization by 2050, in line with qualifications and recommendations from the Science Based Targets initiative group.

In terms of implementing net zero greenhouse gas emissions With the support of organizations such as Global Citizen, Marriott is proud to announce the official signing of Race to Zero through the very best of standards, Business Ambition 1.5, and looks forward to celebrating its success on the 25th. This September via Global Citizen Live. Race to Zero brings together companies, cities, regions, educational institutions. and various financial institutions To campaign towards achieving the net zero greenhouse gas emissions target by 2050, participants must make the same commitment to achieve the same goal: Reduce greenhouse gas emissions in all dimensions fast and fair according to the Paris Agreement and has a transparent action plan with clear goals
“We are committed to creating a positive and lasting feeling. No matter where we do business and the promise of weather to achieve the net zero greenhouse gas emissions target this time. It is a necessary step in our community and environmental responsibility. where we live, work and visit to remain in good shape and vitality,” said Anthony Capuano, Executive Director of Marriott International. The industry’s toughest times have come. We know this commitment will be a challenge. We are proud to partner with companies and institutions around the world in our efforts to cope with climate change. to create a new, more sustainable world.”

Marriott hotels International They are taking steps to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. As part of the 2025 Corporate Goals for Sustainability and Climate Action Commitment to take the next step in the company’s sustainability journey. Achieving these goals requires a strong partnership with Marriott. with universally used rules and regulations Along with the hotel owners and franchisees of the company. in the future Goals may include using more renewable energy, building electrical mechanisms to make the most of renewable energy, improving design standards. To make the building more efficient, and the installation of automation systems and energy efficiency upgrades (such as smart home thermometers). and the environmental impact of traveling with Marriott. Guests and customers alike will find that we have increased our focus on corporate sustainability practices such as reducing general and food waste. as well as maintaining natural costs By giving guests and customers the opportunity to participate in activities such as forest restoration, coral planting and mangrove forests.

In support of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), this announcement aligns with Marriott’s sustainability and social impact platform: The Serve 360 ​​: Doing Good in Every Direction is Marriott’s commitment to help solve global social, environmental and economic problems to deliver value. to colleagues, customers, owners, environments and communities around the world and reinforcing Marriott’s long history of incorporating sustainability into its business strategy. Operation and the value chain thoroughly It starts with corporate values ​​of taking care of our planet. and the aim of reducing the environmental impact in the early days of the hotel. Through initiatives to reduce waste, Marriott encourages sustainable development in the communities where hotels operate. As well as making businesses resilient and sustainable, Marriott’s Sustainability Strategy Driven by various initiatives to reduce the impact on the environment through the construction and operation of sustainable hotels and responsible for the search for things while protecting and restoring ecosystems in which life rely on by things Recently initiated include

• Reduce the use of “single-use plastics”, including replacing shampoo bottles. conditioner and a small bottle of shower gel in one-time use guest room. Comes in a bigger pump bottle It will be completed globally in 2022, after which it will expand the project to replace the company’s toiletries. It is expected to reduce about 500 million small plastic bottles that need to be discarded.
• Campaign to prevent “food waste” in the hotel and to educate on waste reduction. Created to support Marriott’s goal of reducing food waste by 50%.
• Launching of Responsible Sourcing Guidelines to help the community Marriott suppliers has joined the path towards sustainability in providing things Responsible by sourcing 95% of the company’s 10 product categories that matter first.
• Development of a certification database. To help hotels operate more responsibly. and moving towards a goal that makes it 100% sustainable to third parties.
• Planted more than 415,000 trees over the years. Through its work as a founding member of the Evergreen Alliance, as a partner and contributor to the Arbor Day Foundation, a group committed to preserving trees and forests as a key player in solving natural problems. Meet sustainability goals and the civic side of the organization
• Innovative ecosystem restoration and carbon sequestration projects, such as working with The Ocean Foundation to remove and reuse algae. This algae cause serious adverse effects on the environment.

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