Homosexual couple received 77 lashes for having sex

With 77 lashes, two men who had a homosexual relationship were publicly punished in the Indonesian province of Aceh, the only one in which Islamic or Sharia law governs.

According to RTVE, the youths were arrested in November last year after being denounced for having sexual relations by neighbors and the owner of the room in which they lived.

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Heru Triwijanarko, law enforcement officer, stated that “The application of Islamic law is final, no matter who it is, and even visitors must respect local regulations.”

This is the third time that a homosexual couple is flogged in the province, since in 2015 Islamic law began to govern in Acech.

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According to the report of the Spanish chain, the citizens of the region support this type of sanctions. One of the attendees said that “In my opinion, whipping a homosexual or gay person is not enough. I think it is better to put additional punishment on them so that they can be rehabilitated.

“Whipping homosexuals is fine, but they must be reeducated so that they realize that their actions are not correct for those of us who are believers ”, another woman said.


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