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Hon Hai electric car / Hon Hai electric pickup “Model V” first exposure

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Hon Hai’s (2317) annual drama “2022 HHTD Hon Hai Technology Day” will officially debut on October 18, and the warm-up action will be followed one after another. Today (30) Hon Hai once again released the appearance of the “Model V” electric pickup truck. And the interior video, although it is only 30 seconds long, has also begun to set off extensive discussions in the forum of riders.

Hon Hai’s “Model V” was first exposed. Figure / Hon Hai official website.

Hon Hai Chairman Liu Yangwei made a special announcement to shareholders before the end of the 2022 shareholders meeting that in addition to the mass-produced Model C (Luxgen n7), this year’s Hon Hai Technology Day will launch 2 new electric vehicle products. As a surprise for everyone, the “Model V” electric pickup truck is launched today, and it is expected that the technology will launch another model a few days ago.

The Hon Hai Technology Day event was warmed up in succession. Following the announcement by Nazhijie on the 28th that it will open a call for a limited number of 50 n7 electric vehicle spokespersons, who can come to the scene to enjoy the car at close range, today will launch a 30-second trailer to officially announce the electric pickup “Model” “V” overall appearance, car logo, lights and tail decorations, although the details have been lightly taken, but still make riders leave messages to respond “What a handsome car”, “WOW! So handsome”!

On October 18, 2021, Hon Hai launched 3 electric vehicle products on the Technology Day. The Model T electric bus was officially delivered to the road in Kaohsiung in March. It is estimated that the number of vehicles will exceed 100 in 2022; At 9:00 a.m. on September 1, the marketing strategy of ordering a car at 1,000 yuan has successfully won more than 150 million reservations, which is quite remarkable.

Hon Hai's

Hon Hai’s “Model V” was first exposed. Figure / Hon Hai official website.

Hon Hai electric pickup

Hon Hai electric pickup “Model V” taillights. Figure / Hon Hai official website.

The Hon Hai electric pickup

The Hon Hai electric pickup “Model V” is in gear. Figure / Hon Hai official website.

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