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Hon Hai Technology will make its grand debut tomorrow. Three electric vehicle models will be exhibited. Founder Guo Tai drove into the venue and became the focus of the spotlight. The Statistics Department of the Ministry of Economic Affairs is also expected to announce September export orders this week, which is expected to hit a record. The 19 reds in succession led to a simultaneous high in the third quarter. The Chinese Academy of Economics is expected to release the latest forecast of Taiwan’s economic growth rate. With the five times coupons stimulating domestic demand, the outside world is expected to increase GDP. The following is an announcement of this week’s major events:

Hon Hai Technology’s daily show electric car muscle Guo Taiming drives into the venue as a highlight

Hon Hai expects to hold the Hon Hai Technology Day tomorrow (18). According to the trailer, the event will focus on the four main themes of “feeling, technology, software, and experience”, and release E-class cars, C-class cars and electric buses. The design blueprint, it is worth noting that the founder Guo Taiming will drive a new electric car into the market by then to support his own products with actions.

September’s export orders are estimated to stand at 50 billionDollar Challenge to write with 19 red

The Statistics Department of the Ministry of Economic Affairs will announce the September export orders this Wednesday (20th). The industry is optimistic. With the launch of new consumer electronics products and the continued high-end prices of raw materials, export orders can reach 58-59.5 billion yuan.Dollar, It is expected that there will be 19 reds, and the overall amount in the third quarter will reach 166.8-168.3 billionDollar, Yasou Synchronous Niitaka.

Five times the coupon to stimulate domestic demand, the Chinese Academy of Economics plans to release the latest GDP forecast

The Chinese Academy of Economic Research will hold the fourth quarter Taiwan’s economic forecast press conference and symposium on Wednesday (20th). As the government recently decided to issue a five-fold coupon to alleviate the impact of the epidemic on the domestic demand industry, the Chinese Academy of Economics expected at that time to replace Calculated at a rate of 70%, the five-fold coupon will actually inject 140 billion yuan into GDP, which also means that Taiwan’s economic growth rate still has room for upward adjustment.

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