Honda 2021: new X-ADV Euro5

It is becoming clearer on the Honda side for the 2021 novelties: we know in particular that we will be entitled to the Euro5 evolution of the X-ADV, which will certainly inherit the engine of the Forza 750 that we have just tested.

At the end of last week, Honda released a teaser for its CB1000R 2021. And we took out the test and the video of the new one Force 750 ! In short, the news is hot on the side of the winged manufacturer.

This Forza 750, being partly extrapolated from X-ADV, it seemed logical that the latter evolves for Euro5 on the same basis as its new cousin, which we had confirmation during the presentation of the new winged “Tmax killer”.

Moreover, Honda is betting on stable sales of the X-ADV (between 1700 and 2000 units per year in France), despite the arrival of the Forza 750. And the manufacturer plans to do the same with the latter!

Honda X-ADV 2021: more powerful engine, and?

Released in 2017, the X-ADV Immediately received an update in 2018, with Gravel mode, traction control and A2 version.

For 2021, this “scoot-trail” should logically adopt the redesign of the 745 cm3 twin-cylinder like the Forza, with a small gain in power at the key (43.1 kW against 40.3), in addition to spending Euro5. This evolution is of course available in A2.

We imagine that it will also receive the ride by wire and the driving modes, combined with the DCT at 4 levels.

And why not the new connected color TFT instrumentation, in a more “adventure” genre? What about the frame (that of the Forza has been retouched compared to that of the current X-ADV), and at the level of the trunk (that of the Forza is 22 liters, i.e. 1 l more than the Current X-ADV)? And what about the fork (that of the Forza is not adjustable while that of the X-ADV yes …)?

In short, many details remain to be clarified, we will know more very soon, and we should try it at the end of November if all goes well …


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