Honda Civic 2022 Prototype: Characteristics, photos and information

The Honda Civic 2022 it will mark the starting flag of the eleventh chapter in the history of the Japanese album. its 11th generation It will be ready until next year, but Honda could not resist showing us its prototype, very close to the production model, which gives us a clear idea of ​​what the next Civic that will roll on the streets will be like.

On video

The Honda Civic Prototype, as the brand baptizes it, lets us take a look at the design of the new generation. It’s easily recognizable as a Civic thanks to a low, wide front, clean details, and distinctive fastback silhouette. Its color palette will debut the Solar Flare Pearl paint that you see in the photos.

Honda Civic 2022 Prototype 04

The 2022 range of the Honda Civic will consist of a sedan, a hatchback, the Si version and the aclamado Type R, but no plans for a coupe. As expected, the two-door bodywork is definitively dismissed with the end of the current generation, which was already the only coupe version in the compact segment.

A minimalist and more technological interior

Honda decided to keep the interior del Civic 2022 for the time of presentation of the production model. The only thing that leaves us between the photo gallery of the prototype is a sketch, with which it is clear the minimalist style that the next generation will adopt. There will be few buttons, small knobs and A / C grilles in honeycomb finish, with a no-cut design.

Honda Civic 2022 Prototype 09Honda Civic 2022 Prototype 09

The introduction of a new infotainment system, now with a 9-inch touch screen, and the arrival of a fully digital instrument cluster, which has already become almost a norm within this category.

Honda Civic 2022 Prototype 03Honda Civic 2022 Prototype 03

Honda anticipates that Civic 2022 will receive new driving aids for the Honda Sensing suite, and will increase the level of safety thanks to reinforcements in the structure. This increased stiffness will not only improve the degree of protection, it will also bring advantages when it comes to ride quality and performance.

Honda Civic 2022 Prototype 05Honda Civic 2022 Prototype 05

Honda didn’t say a single word about specs, and it seems that it will not do so until presenting the production model. The only thing the brand mentions is that the new chassis is fun to drive and that it will come accompanied by more powerful and efficient engines. An evolution of the 1.5-liter turbo engine and platform of the current model is expected.

Honda Civic 2022 Prototype 08Honda Civic 2022 Prototype 08

The 2022 Honda Civic will be in Mexico next year

The global presentation of Honda Civic 2022 it will take place in late spring 2021 in the United States, to begin selling locally during the summer. Mexico it could receive it during the second half of that year, probably only with a sedan body.

The 11th generation It will be manufactured at Honda’s facilities in Ontario, Canada, and in Indiana, United States, which will receive production of the hatchback version for the first time.

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