Honda Civic Prototype – The 11th generation unveils itself

The big day has arrived for Honda who presents the prototype of his new Civic on Twitch. The choice to unveil a car on this platform may seem a little curious but the manufacturer recalls that the Civic is the most popular model with Millennials and Gen Z.

The 11eme generation of Civic Hatchback does not completely break with his past. Honda had the intelligence to sublimate the lines of its most famous model in America (1.5 million sales since 2015). The new Civic looks more serious and more attractive. She also seems more harmonious and more confident. We appreciate her gaze and her ass that reminds that of theAudi A5 : is not it ?

Honda Civic Prototype (2022)
Honda Civic Prototype (2022)

Its manufacturer claims to have developed a chassis that is more sporty and fun to drive. There will also be more powerful and more efficient engines. The details were not communicated, it is recalled that Honda is only showing the prototype of the new Civic for the moment. The presentation of the final and production model will take place later. We also know that this Civic will inaugurate new safety equipment (airbags, reinforced body, etc.).

“The Civic has always exceeded expectations, and the all-new generation will carry on that heritage by setting the standard for the compact car with human-centered design, dynamism, style, performance, safety and exceptional pleasure. at the wheel “, said Dave Gardner, executive vice president of national operations, American Honda Motor Co.

Honda Civic Prototype (2022)

In the cabin, the designers have made a point of honor on visibility and ergonomics. In addition, the Civic welcomes for the first time a digital dashboard as well as a 9-inch Full HD touchscreen. The whole looks refined and fits perfectly into current trends.

The new Civic will point the tip of its nose at spring 2021 with the launch of the Civic Sedan. It will be followed by the Civic Hatchback (compact), then the powerful Civic Si and the radical Civic Type R which unfortunately could not put its wheels in Europe.

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