Honda E: Fortune cookie on the beer mat

Dhe art of the kissing ball is mastered by the Mini and Fiat. Now also Honda. The Japanese are driving what is currently the most humorous electric car. The Honda E is 3.90 meters short, it drives lively with a battery, looks equally cute at the front and at the back and turns on the beer mat that Friedrich Merz pulled out again. If you are not yet amazed, get in, another world is waiting. A screen stretches across the entire width and can be divided into segments, which in turn can be sorted according to personal hunger for information. The moving images from the rear-facing external cameras run on the left and right. That takes a lot of getting used to, there are no more rear-view mirrors.

Holger Appel

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The bulky inside mirror can also be used as a camera eye with a flick of the wrist, for example if the back seat is loaded up to the roof, but the brain cannot keep up while driving and reports nausea via the stomach. The furnishings alternate between Atari and Advance, plastic joins a friendly wood decor worktop and lots of air, but hardly any trunk.

The Honda E drives in the context of its rear-wheel drive possibilities cheekily but calmly. The acceleration is pleasing, the top speed of 145 km / h is consistent. They would have to get used to the hyper-nervous lane departure warning system, which is particularly annoying on country roads. Four seats are offered, raised at the front and quite comfortable, with a leg rests that are too tight at the back for longer distances. The door opening at the back is narrow, the side windows remain a third, you could complain about it, as well as about the flush outer door handles at the rear, which are even more stupid than the front.

The Honda E is 3.90 meters short.

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Honda E

Fortune cookie on the beer mat

But the Honda is just terrific fun in town and country, it feels happy and puts a smile on your face. Especially when the sport mode takes hold, which is a real sport mode. According to the WLTP standard, the fortune cookie feeling should last 220 kilometers, we think after a first test drive, the consumption will be around 19 kWh and the 35.5 kWh battery will require a power supply after 190 kilometers. This succeeds with limited haste, at best 6.6 kW flow from the domestic alternating current including the wallbox. On the direct current fast charger it is a maximum of 56 kW, reliably more than 50 kW, that would take half an hour to reach the 80 percent level. Unfortunately, the Honda E is also expensive: the base unit with 136 hp costs 33,000 euros, and the nicer Advance package with 154 hp and 315 Nm of torque from a standing start costs 36,000 euros. Is it worth it? Better question: What is the price of the power of seduction?


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