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Honda HR-V’s facelifted U.S.-spec appearance is first exposed!All styling refurbishment – Free e-Newsletter Auto Channel

Last year, Japan, Thailand and other places successively released the new generation Honda HR-V, and Taiwan is expected to follow up this year. The United States, which also sells HR-V, announced the latest official hand-drawing for the first time. The press release also revealed that HR-V will be launched in North America this year.

The hand-drawn drawing of the HR-V major facelift released by Honda’s official US is very different from the previous generation.

In the official press release, only two hand-drawn drawings were released, the front left and the rear right. In addition, it was mentioned that Honda has the most fuel-efficient and lowest carbon dioxide emissions of the entire car series in the United States. It has a 40-year production history in the United States. There are as many as 18 factories in North America.

From these two hand-painted drawings, it is obvious that it is very different from the old model, and it is also completely different from the Japanese standard and the sub-large standard. Compared with the previous generation, it is more aggressive, the headlight design is also more sharp than the previous generation, and the factory badge on the front is designed above the water tank guard.

In addition to the completely different headlights, the taillights have no shadow of the previous generation, and are completely new.

The taillights at the rear of the car are also completely changed. Compared with the previous sharp ones, this time it has a streamlined feel. The rear bumper is also different from the previous design, and the reflectors are raised upwards.

At present, there is no news on the power and so on. It is generally expected that the 1.5-liter e:HEV gasoline-electric power and the 1.5T/2.0T gasoline turbo are expected to become one of the HR-V power options. Foreign media predict that the US version of the HR-V will be available. in the first half of 2022.

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