Honda Tsubasa’s “former boyfriend resident doctor” appears in a matching app “I broke up with my long-term girlfriend, and I’m hurt” | Smart FLASH[光文社週刊誌]

August 1, actressTsubasa HondaHowever, a few months ago with a handsome trainee who was reported to be datingcatastrophe“WEB woman herself” reported that she was. A source close to her said, “She understands how hard it is to be an actress, and at one point she was thinking about getting married, so she was pretty depressed.”

The cause of the bankruptcy isbusyIt is said that it is a “passing by”.

「“ex boy friend”is an internal medicine resident who works at a metropolitan hospital.The metropolitan hospital is on the front line of fighting the new coronavirus, so it is very busy.Mr. Honda, on the other hand,DramaBusy days with commercials. While they were dating, they lived in a semi-cohabited state, but it seems that the days when they could meet were limited.

The two made a healthy promise not to marry until he had completed his apprenticeship and became a full-fledged doctor. It may have been difficult to continue the relationship because they respected each other’s work.” (entertainment reporter)

But at least the “ex-boyfriend” seems to be moving forward.

“Actually, recently, as a trainee, hematching appseems to have started In her self-introduction column, there was a sentence to the effect that she broke up with her long-term girlfriend and was deeply hurt. A friend of hers discovered it and it became known to everyone around her.

Of course, “a long-term girlfriend” refers to Mr. Honda. I don’t think I can meet a ‘Honda-class’ woman who can heal his emotional wounds with a matching app…” (office official)

Honda, on the other hand, is in work mode.Currently in the October dramaphotographI’m obsessed with it. Good luck to the two who have started walking on different paths.

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