Honda unveiled the new Civic… on an online video game platform

If Honda announces this Civic as a new model, not hesitating to speak of the 11th generation already, the manufacturer specifies however bluntly that it is about a deep facelift of the current model.

The whole body has been redesigned, with more angular features but which also seem more consensual than until now. Presented in the United States, the Civic was unveiled in its four-door body – the most popular on the other side of the Atlantic – but the 5-door body and European versions should follow quickly. The Japanese manufacturer has also specified that the sports versions Si (reserved for North America) and Type R would be renewed.

In addition to the design aspect, Honda has also thoroughly reviewed the technology of its compact. The most visible part is the adoption of a digital dashboard on a 9-inch Full-HD panel. The active and passive safety systems have also been brought up to current standards.

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