Hong Kong resistance continues abroad and seeks new avenues of expression on the island

ANALYSIS – Many of these voices have come online from the streets. Reviews are now done via secure means of communication, such as Telegram, Signal or Wire.

Pro-democracy activists mimicking the slogan “5 demands, not 1 less” with their hands on Thursday in Hong Kong after the arrest of sixteen people. In almost two months, Beijing managed to cut off the head of the movement. Kin Cheung / AP

The arrests began on June 4, four days after Beijing’s national security law enforced Hong Kong. Since then, the list of people arrested for secession, subversion, terrorism or collusion with a foreign power has continued to grow. They are now more than 600 to have been taken away by the police. About a hundred others preferred to flee abroad to avoid ending up behind bars as well.

In almost two months, Beijing has managed to cut off the head of the pro-democracy movement in Hong Kong, the strongest voices opposed to the Communist Party’s takeover of the territory. Overnight, all political platforms that advocated democracy were closed, shops and restaurants had to remove ostentatious symbols of their support for the movement, and the “Lennon Walls”, these walls covered with messages advocating freedom and appeared spontaneously across the city were

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