Hong Kong Street Race 2023: The First True Marathon Around Victoria Harbor

2023-06-09 05:43:22

The “Hong Kong Street Race”, which has been suspended for two years due to the epidemic, is scheduled to be held on December 17, 2023. The conference only releases limited information for the time being, but it is disclosed that a full-marathon will be held, which is said to be “the first full marathon that truly runs around Victoria Harbour”.

Hong Kong street horses like to go around Victoria Harbor?

“2020 Hong Kong Street Horse” is the first cross-sea competition for street horses, with a total length of 32.195 kilometers. By 2021, they plan to run 10 kilometers more and extend the route to 42.195 kilometers “True Marathon”:

Tin Hau Island Eastern Corridor eastbound (Start at 0 near Victoria Center > Pass Central-Wan Chai Bypass, turn back at Central > Extend Upper Eastern Island Corridor to Shau Kei Wan > Cross the Eastern Submarine Tunnel > Kwun Tong Bypass > Run through Kwun Tong Industrial, Commercial and Kowloon Bay Residential area > Extend to Kai Tak Tunnel Southern Conduit and East Kowloon Corridor > End at San Shan Road, To Kwa Wan

The roadmap is for the 39.195 km project in 2020. This route should mean that there is no afterlife in this life.

However, in the face of the epidemic that year, the physical race turned into a virtual race, so that the “Hong Kong Street Horse” did not try the “real. Whole horse”. As for how they will achieve the “real full marathon around Victoria Harbor” this year, everyone will wait and see.

There are very few full-marathon races in Hong Kong (it is unknown whether the China Coast Marathon will be revived), and any runners are welcome. In addition, the conference claimed that the 10-kilometer race will launch a new route, which will “run a bridge and tunnel opened for running activities for the first time”. Some people estimate that it will be the Blue Tunnel and the Cross Bay Bridge.

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