Hong Kong version of the National Security Law︱ Tang Jiahua does not name “Apple” using “returning” is a lie and describes the amendment as an “evil plan” | Apple Daily

Chief Executive Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor said in an exclusive interview with the Mainland China News Weekly that the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region is stillThere are a lot of systems to be improvedFor example, in education, media, and civil service training and management, Executive Council member Tang Jiahua made an unnamed criticism of the “Letter to Hong Kong” in the English program “Letter to Hong Kong” in Hong Kong and Taiwan today. It caused a series of social movements that overseas media and foreign governments would rather believe in “lie” and jointly incite the anger and hatred of the community, making Hong Kong “on the brink of total disintegration” (the brink of total disintegration).

Claiming that someone planned to destroy one country, two systems and deliberately lied

Tang Jiahua pointed out in the program that the biggest challenge of One Country, Two Systems is “lie and misleading.” He refers to someone planning to destroy the One Country, Two Systems and deliberately lying, causing many lies and misleading in the community. He took the “one-way permit quota” as an example, saying that some people still believe that it is used to “robbing” the social welfare of Hong Kong people; he also pointed out that some politicians or legislators with legal background even publicly stated that they believe in “counter-views.” .

Tang Xu said that the revision of the Fugitive Offenders Ordinance caused a series of social movements in the previous year. Some newspapers described the movement as “returning” and described the amendment as an “evil scheme” without naming names. The people of Wan believe that they are willing to destroy everything, set fire, kill and maimed innocent bystanders. He also said that overseas media and foreign governments would rather believe in “lie” and jointly incite anger and hatred in the community, bringing Hong Kong on the verge of complete disintegration (Together, they helped fan the anger and hate in the community until it reached a crescendo that brought us to the brink of total disintegration).

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Said it is difficult to rely on “measures” to prevent public opinion leaders and the media from disseminating false information

Tang believes that in order to avoid “lie and misleading”, it is necessary to rely on “honest politicians” (honest politicians) and “fair media” (impartial media ), and strive to make one country, two systems successful, but at this stage it is difficult to rely on “measures” to stop public opinion. The dissemination of false information by leaders and the media can cause “a sinister label” that undermines freedom of speech and freedom of the press.

He suggested that the government establish channels for public communication and consultation, invest resources or establish a public relations office or central policy department to deal with and correct lies and misinformation. He continued that the government should establish relations with private sector “allies.”


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