Horen’s mother: The child must be protected from the effects of human karma for the first 40 days

Lusine, the mother of three children, the beloved of the multi-artist Horen Stalbe, a mother of three children, who gave birth to the youngest offspring two months ago – the son Hores, who is the first child of Lusine and Horen.

“The baby’s life in the mother’s body begins in the period from the 40th to the 48th day, it is tightly strengthened from the 84th to the 90th day.

For the first 40 days, the child must be protected from the mixed energies and effects of human karma, because the child has not yet decided or wants to stay in this life.

This time lag is important both in the mother’s body and after birth. I follow this tradition with all my children! “Reveals Lusine.

We already told you that at the end of last year Horens Stalbe became the father of his fourth offspring.

Horens Stalbe is a Latvian musician, soloist of the group “Riga Reggae”. The artist is named after his father, a well-known actor and director in Armenia. In 2002, he participated in the Eurosong 2002 competition and in a duo with Linda Leen tried to gain the right to represent Latvia in the Eurovision Song Contest.

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