“Horizon” mid-April, curfew in Guadeloupe, fall of cases in Spanish retirement homes… The recap of March 3

► Government: Gabriel Attal evokes a return to a more normal life “perhaps from mid-April”

Emmanuel Macron was to hold a meeting on Wednesday afternoon with the head of government and several ministers to once again discuss the evolution of the health situation of Covid-19, the possible confinements to be put in place in the most vulnerable areas. voltage, as well as the devices to be put in place to allow a future “Reopening” from the country.

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The government recognizes that the situation, for the time being, remains “Worrying” : “It is not an explosion, it is not an exponential increase, but it is a continuous rise” positive cases, explained Gabriel Attal on Wednesday March 3.

The government spokesperson, however, wants to be optimistic. “The return to a more normal life is in sight, the places that make up our social life will reopen, it is a horizon at the end of the tunnel that we must have in view”, thanks to vaccination, he stressed, reaffirming that the executive intends to maintain a “Differentiated response” faced with a situation “Heterogeneous” in the territories. “This is an increasingly close horizon: perhaps, we hope, from mid-April, for which we are preparing”, also indicated Gabriel Attal.

► New restrictions announced on Thursday?

Prime Minister Jean Castex is due to hold a press conference on Thursday, March 4, during which new restrictive measures should be announced, a week after identifying twenty departments under increased surveillance.

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“We are conducting consultations with local elected officials, with regional players, so that additional measures – if they prove necessary – can be taken as soon as possible”, said Gabriel Attal. “We maintain an approach that is graduated, that is targeted, territory by territory”, again hammered the spokesperson for the government.

► Vaccination: volunteer firefighters offer their help

The National Federation of Firefighters of France (FNSPF) assured Wednesday “To be ready to provide assistance” in order to speed up the vaccination campaign, while the government is targeting a first vaccination for six million French people at the end of March.

In a press release, the FNSPF proposes “A contribution of know-how and technical and logistical resources”, thanks to its more than 6,200 rescue centers spread across the country. It also emphasizes the ability of its “Members of the health service” to carry out the vaccination acts directly as well as to participate in the training of other firefighters.

► Guadeloupe: a curfew to deal with variants

In Guadeloupe, a curfew will be introduced from Sunday March 7 in the face of the progression of the British variant, “From 10 p.m. to 6 a.m., according to terms to be specified by the end of the week” and besides “The sporting camera” will be established, announced Tuesday the prefect, Alexandre Rochatte.

Three hundred and eight positive cases of residents were recorded in Guadeloupe between February 22 and 28, against 166 the previous week. With 102 confirmed cases of the British variant on February 28, against 44 the previous week, the share of the latter is increasing markedly on the island.

► Spain: Covid-19 cases in free fall in retirement homes

The number of Covid cases fell 95% between January and February in Spanish retirement homes, after the injection of second doses of vaccine began, according to a government report.

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Spanish retirement homes, where the first wave of the epidemic caused a massacre, recorded 215 cases between February 15 and 21, against 4,439 cases between January 18 and 24, indicates this unpublished report from the ‘Institute of Seniors and Social Services (Imserso). The number of confirmed deaths from Covid-19 has fallen by 77% over the same periods in these retirement homes, from 673 to 157.

► United States: Joe Biden promises vaccines for all adults by the end of May

After mentioning a deadline for the end of July three weeks ago, the American president assured Tuesday that the United States would have enough vaccines for all American adults “By the end of May”. “This is progress, significant progress”, he hammered, insisting however that this did not mean that all American adults would be vaccinated by that date. “Having the vaccines available is not enough. We need people who inject into people’s arms, into millions of American arms ”, he added.


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