Hornets forced to counterattack

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Crisis management in Watford

Suspected of pacting with the Covid-19 to avoid relegation, the Watford players no longer intend to let it go. It was Belgian Christian Kabasele who just responded to the criticisms, not without humor.

Engaged in the field Christian Kabasele (right) is also involved in life. He did not let his team be insulted by Internet users.


When the Premier League championship ended last March, Watford was in deep trouble. With 27 points, he shared one of the relegation places with Bournemouth and West Ham. Only Aston Villa (25 points) and Norwich (21 points) did worse.

Throughout the pandemic, low-ranking teams were attacked, especially when their players asked not to resume competition for security reasons. This was seen as a way for them to avoid possible relegation.

Three positive cases at Watford

The Hornets also faced criticism. And all the more for the past five days and the announcement of three positive tests for Covid-19, within the organization. Defender Adrian Mariappa (33) is among those infected.

Saturday, new tile: two new players voluntarily quarantined themselves after being in contact with people affected by the virus. It did not take less for Internet users to raise the specter of the famous relegation over and over again. “I never had much to say about Watford before that, but they behaved in a vile manner throughout this situation. The tactics used to try to avoid relegation are ridiculous. I would be embarrassed if I was a supporter of Watford, “wrote one.

This tweet was not at all to the taste of Watford defensive midfielder Christian Kabasele. The Belgian made a point of answering, “So let me explain our tactics: we inject Covid-19 once a week. We are drawing the player / staff member who will catch him so that we are sure to never play again and avoid relegation. “


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