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Horoscope for the week from September 5 to September 11 for all zodiac signs

by archyde

The week promises to be quite hectic. The atmosphere is not that heated to the limit, but there will be a lot of tension, controversial issues, contradictions and problems in relations between people. Amidst all this emotional mess, one must maintain clarity of thinking and in almost all situations adhere to a rational approach and cold logic.

What else will mark the new week for each sign of the Zodiac – tell Teleprogramma.pro.Teleprogramma.pro


The universe loves you. If you are attentive, you will feel it: a whole scattering of excellent opportunities will appear in front of you, your task is to use them.


You will be attractive to the opposite sex. Take advantage of the moment, but do not abuse it so as not to bring the matter to a conflict.


For finances, the week is quite favorable. You will have a chance to promote your ideas in work or business. Most importantly, do not take loans and be careful.


Monday will be a particularly unpleasant day. It is he who is fraught with ailments and various health problems. Then it will become easier, but you should not let things take their course.


Aries will emerge from the summer bliss and get down to work seriously. In the middle of the week, children, family responsibilities and household chores will require attention. All this requires strength, the more important it is to monitor your well-being – it is easy to get sick now, and you, as usual, have absolutely no time to get sick.


This week, like last week, things will go wrong. But if last week you easily benefited from this, now you will realize that you are already tired of this pandemonium. Postpone making important decisions until another time, and now, if possible, rest and avoid heavy loads.


Gemini will plunge into work matters to the very top. But the social life of Gemini this week is like walking through a minefield. Either quarrels, then conflicts, then unconstructive disputes. And you have to go through this field as carefully as possible. For example, replace criticism with compliments and aggression with sympathy.


The beginning of the week will bring various tense situations, difficulties in communication. Wednesday to Saturday is a great time to work. And even if it seems to you that you need it most of all, you should not be upset. The main thing is that the process brings you pleasure. On Sunday, try not to quarrel and do not give in to temptations.

a lion

The Lions will not like the week too much, because there will be a lot of routine and small boring things, and the Lions do not like this. Brace yourself. Anyway, these things would have to be done sooner or later, it’s better now. Handle them calmly and carefully. And be sure to make time for the kids. They need your care.


Advice for Libra: more daily activities and leisure, less grandiose plans. Let the week be measured and unhurried. And do not let yourself be drawn into intrigues, undercover games and other people’s secrets. Even if it’s very interesting. It will come back to haunt you so much that it will not seem a little.


Scorpions this week need to be guided by the proverb: “Measure seven times, cut once.” Weigh all your words and actions, because you do not need unpredictable results. And most importantly – do not climb into the bottle and do not drive yourself into a corner. On the contrary, you should always have an escape route ready.


The Sagittarius week will not be the most cloudless – literally everyone and everything will annoy and infuriate you. It’s time for you to master some powerful and effective meditation practice so that you can exhale in time and keep yourself in control. If you cope with passions, in the end it turns out that the week was very productive.

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