Horror footage: Man breaks into a stable in Massachusetts and rapes one of the horses

Jackson Kelley was arrested Tuesday after facing the police. He had previously raped a horse in an equestrian center.

Norfolk (Massachusetts/USA) – It’s a hideous act that just leaves you speechless.

The mare was lured out of her stable early in the morning. Then the incomprehensible happened (symbolic image). © 123rf / sibfox

Hillary Swarr, the owner of the equestrian center Turner Hill, couldn’t believe her eyes when one of her staff showed her the surveillance footage of the center and stables from Thursday.

In it she saw how in the early morning hours a strange man stepped onto the premises, gained access to the stables and joined one of the mares.

When he started to halter her, the young woman immediately recognized: This man knew exactly what he was doing and clearly had experience in the equestrian industry.

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Swarr and her employees will probably never forget what happened next: the stranger lured the mare out of the stable with grain, then stood on a stool and began to rape her while she ate.

No sooner had she seen the disturbing footage than Swarr hurried to the stable. When she arrived shortly afterwards, however, the man was already over the mountains.

Compared to the Boston Herald the businesswoman called the perpetrator a “sexual one.” Predator“which poses a threat to” a very small community where many people feel extremely hurt “.

The gruesome act took place in the stables of the Turner Hill Equestrian Center.

The gruesome act took place in the stables of the Turner Hill Equestrian Center. © Facebook / Screenshot / TurnerHill Equestrian LLC

A vet was immediately called to examine the frightened horse. Fortunately, he was able to determine that the mare was in excellent health and got away from the attack without any injuries.

The police then started a major manhunt for the perpetrator, who turned himself in on Tuesday morning after just five days.

How Metrowest Daily News and Boston.com reported, the just 19-year-old Jackson Kelley will now have to answer for animal cruelty and trespassing, among other things.

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