Horror in Anderlues: an elderly couple discovered, the murder thesis followed by a suicide evoked

Not far from the agricultural fields, in the rue de Bretagne in Anderlues, the Anderlues / Binche police zone was requested at number 50. Inside the house with four facades, the police discovered two elderly people who had been shot dead …

Despite the tragic discovery, it is nevertheless the dead calm which reigns in the district at the beginning of the afternoon. A few meters away, several children are even enjoying the sun and having fun kicking the ball. At the same time, a few police officers, the laboratory and the forensic pathologist invest the premises to make the first observations.

The two elderly people were discovered dead, on the spot, at the end of the morning by a nurse, who made her daily rounds to provide for the needs of the woman.

Big health problems

As confirmed by the Charleroi prosecutor’s office and the neighborhood, the wife was disabled, bedridden and required daily care.

The only times I saw her was in the car. She got around in a wheelchair “, indicates a neighbor, who knew the husband well. “He was a gardener. He always had something to do. They had lived in the neighborhood for several years.“The latter also seemed to be suffering from health problems.”Not long ago, he was supposed to be taken to the hospital by the emergency services, but he did not want to leave his wife alone at home “, specifies the septuagenarian.

The Charleroi prosecutor’s office, accompanied by the examining magistrate, came down on the spot. The thesis of murder followed by suicide is privileged. “The husband seems to have ended his wife’s days before taking his own life“, indicates the prosecution. No letter of explanation was discovered inside the house.

An investigation has been opened and several verifications will be carried out to confirm this thesis, advanced from the start by the judicial authorities.

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