Horrors and misfortunes of French industrial policy

INVESTIGATION – It is the French paradox of being both the homeland of industrial policy and a country hard hit by deindustrialization. With his France 2030 plan, Emmanuel Macron intends to “reconnect with the productive dream”. A dream that often refers to the memory of the Gaullo-Pompidolian golden age.

Emmanuel Macron had raised the issue at the start of the school year Challenges: “To give TGV, Ariane, Concorde, or nuclear reactors successors commensurate with the technological revolutions of the 21st century. “ The Head of State is making his France 2030 investment plan a continuation of the great French industrial history.

The lobbying deployed by French industrialists succeeded beyond their expectations. They had been battling for nearly ten years and the submission of the Gallois report, at the start of François Hollande’s five-year term, to obtain, very classically, reductions in charges on wages and reductions in production taxes. Here they are, custodians of the nation’s future. “We will only revive the country if we succeed in reindustrializing it”, explains, for example, Xavier Bertrand. The industry has become a central issue in the campaign which began for the presidential election of 2022. Producing is the condition for the country’s “remountada”,

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