Hospital explanation regarding the death of Rina Gunawan


Previously, Rina Gunawan was treated at Premier Bintaro Hospital. However, due to the reason for the condition of the treatment, Rina Gunawan was transferred to the Pertamina Simprug Extension Central Hospital.

Contacted by telephone, Head of Public Relations RSPP Agus Susetyo has not seen the latest file on conditions Rina Gunawan. It’s just that he explained about the procedure for the patient being treated.

“Usually if only five days have been admitted, five days are treated, it is possible that I have not been swab again. Not yet (another swab), it is possible that if only five days have not yet. Following drug therapy, the therapy is a week (just diswab),” said Agus. to detikcom, Wednesday (3/3/2021).

“Yes, usually when you follow the therapy, you adjust the evaluation of the therapy,” he explained.

Rina Gunawan was previously treated at the Premier Bintaro Hospital. Until finally on February 26, 2021, he was transferred to the Pertamina Simprug Extension Central Hospital.

Agus said one of the reasons was due to inadequate treatment conditions for patients COVID-19.

“There is no special ICU for COVID. We have an ICU for COVID,” said Agus.

Rina Gunawan’s family also asked for a referral. The family wants the 46-year-old woman to receive intensive care.

“The family has submitted a transfer to get better and more intensive care because in our (hospital) we have a special ICU room,” he explained.

When I first entered the Pertamina Extension Simprug Central Hospital, Rina Gunawan’s condition was still able to communicate. Agus also did not know in more detail when Rina Gunawan’s condition deteriorated.

“I don’t know the data. When I entered it (Rina Gunawan) could still communicate. One of them was (her recovery was difficult due to comorbidities),” said Agus Susetyo.

The body of Rina Gunawan has been buried in the Tanah Kusir Cemetery. The husband, Teddy Syah, has also provided an explanation regarding Rina Gunawan’s recent condition.

Rina Gunawan’s exposure due to COVID-19 made the illness he had previously contracted worsen. Teddy Syah described Rina Gunawan’s congenital disease.

“Because it happens that Rina has a congenital sinus disease, there is shortness of breath, asthma too. So when she was attacked by COVID-19 which was quite severe for her, she was separated (with her family) for a week,” said Teddy Syah when met at TPU Tanah Kusir, South Jakarta.

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