Hospital pressure increases in the US due to covid

Hospitals in several US territories are once again under high tension due to the incessant increase in covid-19 cases, while authorities in different states multiply their efforts to curb the epidemic. However, Americans fear that they are already in the same situation as Europeans regarding the second wave of the pandemic, while the average number of new infections per day exceeds 100,000.

Some 62,000 patients from the dreaded coronavirus are currently hospitalized in the United States, an unprecedented number according to the Covid Tracking Project, an independent entity that monitors the evolution of the pandemic.

For example, in El Paso, a town on the border with Mexico, there are more than a thousand hospitalized, one sixth of the 6,000 registered in all of Texas, the southern state to which it belongs. 40% of those hospitalized are sick with covid-19.

“It’s a dark time,” Ogechika Alozie, chief medical officer at El Sol Medical Center in El Paso, told CNN on Wednesday. «The most eloquent word is fatigue. And there is also frustration, “he said. For this reason, the Governor of Texas, Greg Abbot, asked to use a military medical center to host patients with other diseases in order to have free beds for those affected by the coronavirus.

El Paso also reflects the problems to take restrictive measures in a country whose federal government has not issued firm directives against the pandemic. On the contrary, President Donald Trump has undervalued her several times and has even had occurrences about her treatment.

“Long and tragic period”

Trump once delegated the management of this health crisis to the governors of the states and those responsible for the different counties. At the same time, he pinned his hopes on the rapid development of a vaccine. Positive results from clinical trials from the Pfizer laboratory may offer some relief on that side.

But the urgency is immediate. “The rapid increase in hospitalizations due to covid heralds a long and tragic period of increased deaths” (on Tuesday it registered 1,500), said Wednesday the former head of the US drug agency Scott Gottlieb, who believes that these tragic effects will be they will see in four weeks. “All the data is going in that direction and quickly,” he warned.


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