News Hospital staff called to continue mobilization

Hospital staff called to continue mobilization


Eleven months after the first strikes in Paris emergency services, healthcare workers worried about the deterioration of the public hospital continue to be heard. For the third time in four months, they will meet Friday, February 14 in Paris and in fifty cities across the country to ask “The reopening of beds” and “The recruitment of sufficient staff with decent wages”. A day described as that of the “Remobilization” by Hugo Huon, the president of the Inter-Emergency Collective, after several weeks of a social agenda crushed by the strike against the pension reform.

On the ground, doctors are now bringing the movement that had been launched by the paramedics to life. Since January 27, the country’s hospitals have been living at the rate of the resignations – very symbolic – of heads of service from their administrative functions, care and education being still provided. Almost 1,200 of them had brandished this threat on January 14 if the government refused to open budgetary negotiations. According to the latest figures from the Inter-Hospital Collective (CIH), almost 780 of them have indeed sent their resignation letters, not without some tensions in certain establishments.

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“Our director thought we were bluffing, that we would not act, says Cécile Vigneau, manager – resigned – from the nephrology department at the Rennes University Hospital, where around fifty doctors took the plunge on January 27. She told us that she did not understand why we had resigned from our office before seeing if the minister’s measures were bearing fruit. “

” It is off the mark “

The Minister of Health, Agnès Buzyn, who postponed until mid-March her next meeting with representatives of resigning doctors, believes that we must now allow time for the emergency plan announced on November 20 by the government of come into full force. This includes in particular bonuses for certain categories of caregivers, budgets for improving the quality of working life and a takeover by the State of a third of the debt of public healthcare establishments, ie 10 billion d in three years.

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“As long as these concrete measures are not visible in the daily lives of caregivers, they will remain in the level of dissatisfaction that we know because they want it to change immediately”, launched Mme Buzyn during her greetings to the press on January 28, saying that, among the resigning doctors she had met, “Not everyone had perceived the extent of the measures taken by the government”.

In hospitals, the first funds from the government plan received a mixed reception. “Thanks to our mobilization, our hospital received 500,000 euros for equipment and improving working conditions, testifies Renaud Chouquer, resuscitator and head of resigning unit in Annecy. We may buy a patient lift somewhere, new stretchers elsewhere, but it is far from changing the lives of caregivers. With this plan, we will see very small effects, while we need big changes. It is off the mark. “

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“What we’re asking for is hiring”

A perception shared by Cécile Vigneau, at the University Hospital of Rennes. “Our nephrology department will receive 15,000 euros to improve the quality of life at work and the reception of patients, she explains. We may be repainting a waiting room, but that will not radically improve our daily lives. What we are asking for is hiring, that work stoppages be replaced 100% and not 60%. ”

“We may be repainting a waiting room, but that will not radically improve our daily lives,” notes Cécile Vigneau, head of the nephrology department at the Rennes University Hospital.

While the government seems to have closed the door to any new budgetary gesture, the organizers of the movement are showing their determination. “The government must not have the slightest illusion: it cannot stop”, said Thursday, February 13, Renaud Péquignot, of the National Union of Hospital Anesthetists and Resuscitators (SNPHAR-E) at a press conference by fourteen organizations, unions and collectives calling for the mobilization day of the 14.

The municipal election campaign is the next target for angry hospital workers. “We are going to make a date with the candidates in relation to the current and future health crisis”, announces Doctor François Salachas, neurologist at Pitié-Salpêtrière and member of the CIH. In the management of the collective, we also ensure that we reflect on the implementation of actions “Even more blocking” in the coming weeks.

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