Hospitals in the province of Liège are working just in time: “Non-Covid hospitalizations reached 112% of phase 1B”

Hospitals in the province had feared saturation for a few days and sent a cry of alert to regional and federal authorities meeting on Friday in the Concertation Committee. To cope with classic admissions and those due to an infection by the coronavirus, “we are currently transferring patients between the various hospital sites and, on Monday, surgery rooms will be transformed into Covid units”, specifies Pierre Gillet. “In intensive care, we have a little more leeway, but it may also be necessary to arrive at interprovincial transfers within 24 hours.”

Phase 2 is therefore emerging for hospitals in Liège. However, one problem arises: the lack of personnel. “We must indeed find the nurses behind the beds, both in conventional care and Covid. We have already transferred all our patients from the burn center to a military hospital so that the nurses can be redeployed in the Covid patient units. probably also recover those who work normally in operating rooms and in other normal care units that close. ” “Regarding Covid beds, we are at the same level of activity as in March-April”, concludes the medical director of the CHU de Liège.

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