Hossam Habib’s father detonates a resounding missile.. This is what my son used to do secretly every day and because of it, Shireen asked for a divorce and could not bear it!! (embarrassing details)

The father of the Egyptian singer Hossam Habib entered the crisis line between his son and his ex-wife, the Egyptian artist Sherine Abdel Wahab.

And he sent her a message after her recent separation from his son, indicating that she had a good relationship with the family, and that she was a “serving lady” and everyone loved her, and no matter what happened, he would still respect and appreciate her.

He directed his speech to Sherine, saying: “Sherine, you are the lover of my heart, the lover of the heart of 300 million Arabs, and the lover of the heart of Hossam Habib. We all love you, whether you are my son’s times or not.”

And he continued, “Sherine was close to me, and she always asked about me, she used to eat me with her hands, and we decided in her house, she was a respectable woman, a daughter of a country, a grandfather and a family.”

Hossam Habib’s father revealed the real reason behind Sherine’s divorce from his son Hossam, and indicated that his son was not seeking and diligent in his work, so Sherine repelled him, because she is an ambitious personality and loves success, and her great love for him at first because of his success, stressing that she will not return to him again Others unless his son achieves success in his life.

After the artistic community was overwhelmed with the news of her separation from her husband and her appearance with a shaved head, Sherine Abdel Wahab made remarkable and surprising statements.

During statements with Amr Adib on the Hekaya program, on MBC Egypt, she said: I shaved my hair because I was not sweet in Hossam Habib’s eyes.

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