Hostage drama with pizza: This is how the crime story played out in Sweden

Probably the most bizarre hostage drama in Sweden’s history – told in 6 points

The alarm goes off at 12.20 p.m.: Two prison officers are being held in Hällby by two convicted murderers. A nine-hour hostage drama unfolds, which only ends with 20 kebab pizzas. The overview.

The hostage situation

The two hostage-takers, a 30- and 24-year-old, lock themselves in a guard room at lunchtime and cover the surveillance cameras. A guard is under their control. The whole thing takes place in Hällby Prison, a maximum security prison about 100 kilometers west of Stockholm. Both hostage-takers are convicted of murder. Their weapons: razor blades attached to toothbrushes. What exactly happened behind the closed doors is not known at the time, reports the Swedish tabloid «Aftonbladet».

The police reaction

After the alarm was raised, a massive police operation started outside the prison. Police and prison officers are sent to resolve the situation. In such situations, the main thing is that the hostage-takers want to obtain an exchange to their advantage, the retired policeman Torbjörn Sivertsson told Aftonbladet.

Police officers on duty at Hällby Prison. Image: keystone

Meanwhile, the prison goes into the so-called “Frozen Mode”. All activities are stopped and the inmates locked in their rooms. The police are initiating investigations into kidnapping.

The bizarre negotiations

According to Aftonbladet, the hostage takers first request an escape helicopter. After negotiating with the special commissioner, however, the dimension of their demand diminishes massively. The new deal: Two kebab pizzas in exchange for the release of a prison guard. Shortly afterwards, however, they toy with the idea of ​​releasing the two hostages in order to be transferred to another prison.

The object of desire: a kebab pizza. Image: Shutterstock

After all, the kebab pizza seems too tempting. About five minutes after the first agreement has been concluded, they contact the special advisors again and increase them. The final demand: 20 kebab pizzas for all prisoners in their department.

For the special envoy, however, the matter is not over yet. They are trying to persuade the hostage takers to release both guards. However, these insist on their demand. After an unsuccessful negotiation, the special commissioners finally agree.

The strange order

According to Aftonbladet, the police headquarters in Linköping are instructed to call a pizzeria. The order ends up with the pizzaiolo Beshar Tomar, who at first thinks it’s a joke. The pizzeria usually doesn’t expect more than one order at this time, reports the Swedish newspaper “Expressen”. For this reason, there is only one employee in the store at this point in time. Three to four more employees are immediately deployed.

At 4:30 p.m. the time has come: Two prison officers load 20 fresh kebab pizzas into the car.

New demands

A little later, the police confirmed that the pizzas had been taken to the hostage-takers’ department. It appears, however, that the criminals will not keep their promise. No hostage has been released yet.

Later it becomes clear why. The hostage-takers set one more condition: They demand that all other inmates in the department receive their pizza first. Only then do they want to treat themselves to their own pizza, after which the first guard should be released.

According to statements made by Aftonbladet, the hostage-takers are serious: they can check from the guard room whether the request is being met, they emphasize.

The special commissioners use the renegotiation for a counterclaim: Half of the first pizzas are distributed, a hostage is released, and then the rest of the prisoners receive their food. The hostage takers agree to the compromise.

The surrender

The first hostage is released around 7 p.m. According to the agreement made, half of all pizzas should have been distributed by this time. From the outside you only get that “feverish negotiations are going on”, according to a reporter from “Expressen”. Two and a half hours later, at 9:20 pm, finally the redeeming message: The second hostage has also been released. The doner pizza must have tasted fantastic. The negotiations were successful.

Two police cars leave the Hallby Prison area. Image: keystone

Both the prison guard and the prison guard were unharmed. After their release, they were looked after by a care team.

What the two hostage-takers can expect after their act is still unclear. But you will not be able to enjoy kebab pizzas all too quickly.


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