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How to do this! A male netizen posted a post on the forum. The content alleged that when he watched an A movie on the adult website SWAG, he was surprised that the heroine seemed to be his cousin who was one year older, and he broke his heart. He posted a post on the Internet and asked, “After How should we deal with the holidays during the New Year?” Aroused discussion among netizens.

A male netizen posted a post on the gossip board of the “PTT” forum on the 7th, with the title stating “What should I do if I found my cousin was filming SWAG?” The text confided that because of the epidemic, he stayed in the dormitory to take classes far away, and he was in the dormitory if nothing happened. Watch the mystery film to clear the gun.

Unexpectedly, when I browsed the adult website SWAG, I found that the actress in the film looks a bit like a married cousin. At first, she was a little uncertain. It was not confirmed until the payment mode was unlocked. The original PO also said “After all, it’s a family member, it feels a little weird,” and asked netizens how they should face his cousin when they meet each other during New Year’s holidays. At the same time, they also asked netizens with the same experience how to adjust their mood.

Netizens posted on PTT asking how to adjust their family members to make adult videos. (Reversed from Pikki Industrial Workshop)

After the article was exposed, many villagers responded by leaving a message, “Who?” and they were still swiping a row in the message area to get on the bus, and some villagers responded seriously, “If he is willing to put it up, I am not afraid to watch it. You might as well help you. The cousin will do more performance to make him earn more”, “I don’t see it,” “There may be something unspeakable. It’s better to pretend to be ignorant. If you have a bad habit, you have to talk to your family.”

However, many netizens also questioned that the original PO was advertising, and angrily brushed a row of messages, “Operation match, which time is not the industry match”, “Professional match waste article”, “Fantasy”, “Professional match, now this False questioning is a bunch of true karma.” In this regard, Yuan Po stated that he was purely asking about how to adjust his mood, and did not respond to the relevant clues of the film as of the time of publication.

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