Hotel. David Galienne succeeds Eric Guérin at the Jardin des Plumes in Giverny

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Since Tuesday January 21, 2020, chef David Galienne has taken over the keys to the 1-star hotel and restaurant, Le Jardin Des Plumes located in Giverny (27), previously owned by chef Eric Guérin, who also owns the Mare aux Oisieaux in Saint-Joachim, near Saint-Nazaire.

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It has been a smoothly prepared and carried out transmission since 2019 between the two chefs. After taking over the restaurant’s kitchens in 2018, and working for many years with Eric Guérin, the dream of entrepreneurship has come true for David Gallienne. Longtime friends, the keys are now entrusted to him, so that he can continue to write the history of the Jardin Des Plumes. David Gallienne to declare : “I am proud to have my own restaurant. With Eric we share the same desires, the same values, and the same taste for travel. During these years, he knew how to transmit and nourish this passion that unites us. I was able to gain confidence and be reassured in these moments of doubt as a future and young entrepreneur “ “Normand, brilliant, David very quickly took his marks at Giverny and gave new life to the house. That’s why I decided to give her the keys so that she’s her own today. ”added Eric Guérin, who is about to open a new restaurant on La Baule beach. On February 1, 2020, the Jardin Des Plumes will open its doors again to introduce everyone to its new setting.

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Hotel. David Galienne succeeds Eric Guérin at the Jardin des Plumes in


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