Hotel Guest in Kediri Found Dead Beautiful Woman from West Java


A Hotel guests who was found dead covered in blood in the room, one pretty girl 20 years old. The beautiful woman who died in the hotel room 421 in the city of Kediri had the initials M.

“We have a report found Hotel guests died in a room, around 16.45 WIB. It is known that the victim with the initials M, was around 20 years old, “said KaKediri City Police Precinct AKBP Eko Prasetyo told reporters at the location, Sunday (28/2/2021).

From the TKP investigation carried out by the inafis team, a number of items allegedly belonged to the victim. From his identity, the victim murder at the hotel comes from West Java.

“The victim came from the West Java region,” he added.

Meanwhile, a number of items allegedly belonging to the victim were secured. Among them were the victim’s suitcase, drinking bottles and a number of cloths covered with blood. Not only that, it was also found contraception in the form of a condom.

Now, the victim’s body is taken to the morgue at Bhayangkara Hospital for an autopsy. Police are still investigating the allegations murder the.



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