Hotline: supplement to a pension for two-income households

Many thousands of ABP pensioners may still be entitled to a substantial supplement to their pension. These are ABP pensioners who built up a pension with their partner before 1995. The amounts can amount to an additional payment of thousands of euros, plus a monthly increase of a few tens. And furthermore: what can you do in the event of car damage if the perpetrator is unknown?

Dual earners

The supplement to the pension is a compensation for a low pension build-up at ABP for two-income households from before 1995. If both partners have built up pension at ABP, ABP can see this in its own administration. The supplement is then provided automatically. If one of the partners has built up a pension with another pension fund, ABP has no knowledge of the right to supplement and must be applied for.

Replenishment with retroactive effect

Information about this supplement cannot be found on the ABP website. ABP has improved the provision of information to individual ABP participants since last year. The pension fund now also promises to make the information about this supplement more visible. Because of the lack of clarity, many thousands of ABP pensioners who are already retired may miss this supplement. They can still submit an application to ABP. If they meet the conditions, they will still receive the supplement and with retroactive effect. The supplement takes effect from the moment that the youngest partner is entitled to AOW. In the event that the ABP retired person has already died, ABP pays the missing supplement on application to the remaining partner.

Application still easy to do

In Reporting point MAX Ombudsman Rogier de Haan shows how easy such an application can be made. With his help, 2 ABP pensioners, a former teacher and a former police officer, recently received 25 to 50 euros more per month, plus a supplementary payment of several thousand euros. John Wamelink has been a police officer all his life and is now retired. His wife Liesbeth has worked in healthcare. Due to an error in the pension calculation, ABP accrues pension until 1995 on a too small part of Mr Wamelink’s income. The pension rules will be adjusted after 1995. ABP pensioners who were two-income households can apply for a supplement on the pension part from before 1995. Many ABPs do not know that.

Many thousands of additions unused

According to ABP, 148,000 additions have been granted over the years. But the pension fund has no idea how many more ABP members can qualify for a supplement. Given the number of dual-income households at the end of the last century, more than 30 percent of all households, the MAX Ombudsman believes that many thousands of these additions have not been used. In that case, the ABP has to pay millions or even tens of millions in supplementary payments. Member of Parliament, Pieter Omtzigt, in Reporting point is critical of the ABP in this case, even thinks it concerns “tens of thousands” of victims. ABP disputes that it concerns “many thousands” of ABP pensioners who are still entitled to a supplement. The pension fund itself calls the number “limited”. But on previous questions from Reporting point the pension fund says it cannot “estimate” its size.

ABP will handle all new applications and will still pay everyone to whom he or she is entitled.

Guarantee Fund

Furthermore, a topic about car damage with an unknown perpetrator. Rob Buijs is hit by another motorist in his car before 2019. With the man who hits him, he completes the claim forms. The day after, it appears that the perpetrator has provided a false name and an incorrect address and telephone number. Where can Mr. Buijs recover his damage of 1,360 euros? Can the Guarantee Fund mean something for Mr. Buijs? MAX Ombudsman Rogier de Haan investigates this matter. Explanation comes from Remco Vendelbosch of recovery service 112schade.

Reporting point can be seen on Friday, January 24, 2020 at 7:20 PM on NPO 2.

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