Hotman Paris asked to defend Habib Rizieq, asked about payment


Habib Rizieq currently status as a suspect in the case of crowd sedition. He was detained at the Polda Metro Jaya remand center.

This case caught the attention of many people. Habib Rizieq’s supporters also tried to provide support and even asked for the help of the famous lawyer Hotman Paris.

This is recognized Hotman Paris via an upload on Instagram. He mentioned that many asked him to help the leader of the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI).

According to Hotman Paris the request was submitted by several people. One example of that request he uploaded to Instagram.

“Good morning sir @ hotmanParis, sir, we need your services for Habib Rizieq, how much we have to pay for your services, sir, pls, I will do the best for u sir @ hotmanParis,” wrote one netizen with the account @sarina_cut.

Hotman Paris admitted that it was not just one request that had entered him. In the incoming message column he even said there were hundreds of the same requests.


He also revealed that there was no need for him to step in to help Habib Rizieq. Hotman Paris thinks there are many great lawyers in Indonesia.

“This is one of the hundreds of dm to Hotman !! Why ask Hotman? Many top lawyers are better than Hotman! How do the fans advise?” write Hotman Paris.

Moreover, currently Habib Rizieq has also collaborated with lawyer Aziz Yanuar. He even already has a plan to help his client by immediately filing a pretrial on the status of suspect Habib Rizieq.

“The pre-trial plan is Monday,” said the lawyer Habib Rizieq, Aziz Yanuar via short message, Sunday (13/12/2020).

“The South Jakarta District Court,” he said.

Aziz hopes that this pretrial can remove Habib Rizieq from all criminal threats.

“The pretrial is about the determination of the suspect, detention and arrest. So that Habib can come out,” he said.

In addition to submitting pretrial efforts, Habib Rizieq or HRS will apply for a stay of detention to the Metro Jaya Police investigator.

“Efforts to request a suspension,” he said.

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