Hotman Paris Called Gisel Not Denied about the Hot Video Case while at BAP

Hotman Paris and Gisel’s collage (Source: Instagram)

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.TVHotman Paris open voice about case video syur which dragged the name Gisel. This was conveyed in a video uploaded on the YouTube channel Surya Citra Televisi, Saturday (5/12/2020).

According to his knowledge, the ex-wife of Gading Marten did not object to this. On several occasions it was known Gisel does not explicitly deny the accusation that the person in the video is him.

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Even while still on vacation in Sumba, he also gave initial information. Likewise, when he came to Polda Metro Jaya to fulfill the summons to do an examination. Hotman Paris also said that the singer did not convey a rebuttal in the Police Investigation Report (BAP).

“As far as I know, Gisel didn’t argue.” exclaimed Hotman Paris.

Some time ago, it turned out that Gisel had met this well-known lawyer for legal consultation.

Not yet known with certainty the purpose of the meeting. He explained that in 2017 Gisel gave his cellphone to the manager. Hotman Paris also revealed about Gisel’s lost cellphone.


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