Hotman Paris’s suggestion about Gisel-like videos: What are telematics experts doing, he’ll want them later

INDOZONE.ID – Famous lawyer Hotman Paris Hutapea gave advice regarding exciting videos involving similar women Gisel Anastasia which went viral in the last two days.

According to Hotman, to check whether the woman is really Gisel or not, there is no need to use the services of a telematics expert. According to him, the video was sufficiently traced by bringing in three women from Pasar Senen.

“Regarding the porn video which he allegedly said was a famous artist. He said that a telematics expert wanted to be brought in to check who it was. What to do? Just call the referee 3 people, women from the Senen Presidential Market. he was suspected of being that person. The mothers of Senen could immediately tell it was the same as their chest, “said Hotman.

According to Hotman, if the telematics expert intervened, he would not be able to find out the results because he could not concentrate.

“If later the telematics expert is asked to check, the telematics expert will be dizzy. Later he will want to, later the results will not even concentrate,” added Hotman.

It is not known exactly which telematics expert Hotman was insinuating. However, it was suspected that it was Roy Suryo.

Meanwhile, until now, Gisel has not wanted to provide clarification regarding the video.

At the same time, many netizens believe that the woman in the video is really Gisel.

Not only highlighting a woman who is considered similar GiselNetizens are also trying to figure out who the male figure in the bed scene is carrying a horse (woman on top).

Had mentioned the name of Gisel’s manager, Andi TanggawanaNow, netizens suspect that it is more towards Adhietya Mukti, a pianist who is often with Gisel.

This suspicion is reinforced by the similarity of the male figure in the exciting video with Adhietya. Not only his face, but also his posture. In addition, this suspicion was further strengthened by a photo showing Gisel with his daughters, Gempi, and Ahietya.

There is also another photo showing the togetherness between Gisel and Adhietya with their four friends.

Is this the guy ??#cowoknya #cool #kasiangempi #GISELLE

– Reihan putra (@ Reihanputra74) November 7, 2020

Adhietya’s wife’s response

Risih, her husband, was accused of being a male figure in the video of the bed scene, Ujie Njie Fuji Anshory or Njie Aditya, immediately denied this. Through Instastory, she denied that the man in the video was not her husband.

“Nice and smart netijennn .. suddenly my aunt woke up with a lot of amazing video DM … But the moon is sorry .. I have to make you sad because it’s not my husband .. Please don’t look like me ..,” he wrote.

“Try to see my picture well .. if the camera is blurry I also look like Miyabi .. but how come you are just normal … Local, your taste … Netijen greetings full of love for all of you,” he added.

Previously, in the 19-second viral video, it was seen how the woman who looked like Gisel deliberately recorded their sex scene before having intercourse with the woman’s position on top (woman on top).

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