House of Representatives votes second impeachment process, Trump calls for calm

If it is impossible for the impeachment procedure to succeed before the end of Donald Trump’s term of office scheduled in six days, a conviction would prevent him from running again in 2024. The indictment was voted on Wednesday, January 13 by 232 votes. for, and 197 against. He is the first US president to face two similar proceedings. “He can start a war, he must be deposed, he must be stopped now“, hammered Maxine Waters, elected Democrat of California.

For their part, the Republicans always denounce a witch hunt. “It’s always been about cornering the president, it’s an obsession“Says Jim Jordan, elected Republican of Ohio. Democrats accuse the outgoing president of inciting insurgency for his speech before the Capitol invasion. For his part, Donald Trump calls for calm, while the Joe Biden’s inauguration is due to take place on January 20.

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