[House Robbery]The murderer entered the house early in the morning and robbed the female head of the household and strangled her neck in the bed. The victim cried and asked: Stay home and let me see a girl-Hong Kong Economic Times-TOPick-News-Society

A house robbery occurred in Heng On Village, Ma On Shan early this morning (23rd). At 1 o’clock this morning, when a 36-year-old female head of the household surnamed Jiang was sleeping in the home of a unit in Hengjiang Building, a man suddenly rushed into the unit and attacked the head of the female household, pinching the head of the female household with his hand on the neck and hitting her on the head. To the wall. It was reported that the female head of the household was once crushed on the bed during the attack, and her neck was pinched by the culprits to make her voice difficult. She cried for a while, saying, “I will save my life so that I can see a girl.” The man fled after ransacking the unit, and the female head of the household later called the police for help.

After the incident occurred, the female victim posted an account of the incident on fb. When she was asleep this morning, someone suddenly jumped on her heart and rode her, and hugged her with both hands for about half an hour, not letting her make any noise, and then covered her mouth with a cloth. , The other hand was removed from the trouser chain, and the culprit claimed that “I am robbing wealth.” She then begged the culprit for mercy:

I can tell you, please, can you spare my dog’s life, save my life so that I can go to the United States to meet my girl.

The culprit made it clear that he would know that the victim must call the police, and his appearance would not be allowed. Then he masked the victim. Afterwards, the victim heard the door “peng”, then called the police and asked other relatives and friends for help. He also pointed out that the current situation is very dangerous and he should be back as soon as possible United States.

Upon receiving the report, the police rushed to the scene and once blocked the entrance and exit of the building to hunt down the culprits. Unfortunately, they did not find any. After preliminary counting of the property, it was found that no valuables were lost. The female victim suffered head and neck injuries, and was then accompanied by another female friend to the Prince of Wales Hospital by ambulance for treatment. The case was temporarily classified as a burglary and was handed over to Team 9 of the Criminal Investigation Team of the Shatin Police District for follow-up. The police are looking for a man of medium build and short hair who was wearing a dark shirt and blue shorts at the time of the crime.

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