Houston sends Trevor Ariza and his sixteenth pick to Detroit, symbol of exemplary solidarity in reconstruction

Boom, the ceremony hasn’t even started yet as the phones are already overheating. This time, it’s Detroit and Houston who make fun by preparing their respective evenings: Trevor Ariza and the 16th choice land in Michigan against a future first round of draft.

It’s official: no one respects Trevor Ariza. Just released from Portland after an encouraging season, the 35-year-old winger is already saying goodbye to Houston towards Michigan and its big mechanics. Ironically, the veteran should not spend too long with the Pistons who are preparing a buyout. Ariza’s contract being partially guaranteed anyway (only 1.8 million out of 12.8), this move allows Troy Weaver to add an immediate arrow to his bow for the reconstruction of the franchise. So everyone is a winner: Houston gets a future first round (as well as a 2021 second round for 4.6 million dollars) and by getting rid of Ariza, the Rockets will be able to free up money to use the mid-level exception to the Free Agency. For his part, Detroit will draft twice this evening – 7th and 16th pick – greatly increasing its room for maneuver, initially limited to the arrival of its GM. Concerning Ariza, very clever one who can predict his future point of fall: when his contract expires one year, the old rocket can sit on its unsecured 11 million. However and after skillful negotiations, the 3 & D could help out as a good defensive joker. To be continued.

It’s an appetizer that could weigh in the balance: even if the evening promises to be more spicy than this kind of breaking, nobody says no to cap space and youth. Come on, see you soon for the signing of KD in Sacramento.

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