How a Meller Corona patient struggles back into his old life

On the mend: Torsten Jödemann can now even shovel snow again.On the mend: Torsten Jödemann can now even shovel snow again.
Kirsten Muck

Neuenkirchen. Torsten Jödemann shoveled snow in the morning. Actually nothing special. But in the case of the Neuenkirchener, that’s special. Because six weeks ago he was still in the intensive care unit of the Marienhospital in Osnabrück because of a corona illness. Now he is resolutely fighting his way back to his old life.

Things are looking up. Torsten Jödemann manages 40 watts on the ergometer for 20 minutes. On the leg press he is 40 kilos. And when measuring lung volume, the pointer levels off at 3500 milliliters of air volume. “I can do the 4th

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