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Contaminated water, undercooked meat, spoiled seafood or the cat’s litter field are some attainable transmission situations.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. revealed that a health care provider apparently discovered a useless worm in his mind, elevating questions on what mind parasites are, the harm they will trigger and the way precisely they get there.

How do parasites seem in folks? And what can they do to the mind?

Mind parasites are far more than worms. There are “legions” of organisms that may have an effect on the mind, stated Scott Gardner, a organic sciences professor on the College of Nebraska-Lincoln who makes a speciality of parasites. Along with worms, frequent mind parasites embrace single-celled organisms reminiscent of Toxoplasma gondii and a few amoebas.

The harm varies relying on the kind of parasite and the place it resides within the mind. “Some actively invade tissues and destroy them,” defined Daniel Pastula, chief of neuroinfectious illnesses and international neurology on the College of Colorado Medication. Others trigger issues because of the inflammatory response they set off.


People are normally uncovered to tapeworms by means of uncooked or undercooked meals or by means of meals contaminated with fecal matter.

“Loads of these items are transmitted to people by means of feces,” stated Edith L. Graham, a neurologist at Northwestern Medication.

Medical doctors consulted by The New York Instances speculated that what Kennedy described had been signs of an an infection with pork tapeworm larvae. The tape of the soles certainly one of a number of kinds of tapeworm that may infect the mind. When an individual by chance ingests pig tapeworm eggs, the eggs hatch within the intestines and the larvae can journey to different organs, together with the mind. There they type cysts, inflicting a illness often known as neurocysticercosis.

The an infection can take months, and even years, to manifest. Signs fluctuate relying on the variety of cysts that type and their location. (Cysts might type within the eyes, muscle tissue, and spinal twine.) Individuals with neurocysticercosis usually have complications and seizures, and generally really feel confused, have hassle paying consideration, and have steadiness issues. The illness might be deadly.


One other kind of parasite that may have an effect on the mind is the brain-eating amoeba. Infections of this kind are extraordinarily uncommon, however they will trigger life-threatening irritation of the mind or spinal twine, defined Tajie H. Harris, an affiliate professor of neuroscience on the College of Virginia. The organisms enter by means of the nostril when folks bathe in lakes and rivers, after which journey to the mind. Individuals have additionally been contaminated by utilizing nasal or rhinocorn washes or different sinus rinses with untreated or non-sterile water.

Toxoplasmosis, some of the frequent mind infections, might be transmitted by means of undercooked meat, contaminated seafood, or contact with cat feces. (Free Press Picture: Shutterstock)


Probably the most frequent parasitic mind infections is toxoplasmosis. Greater than 40 million folks in the USA could also be contaminated by the parasite that causes that an infection, based on the Facilities for Illness Management and Prevention. Individuals can grow to be contaminated by consuming undercooked meat or contaminated seafood, ingesting contaminated water, or by chance ingesting the parasite present in cat feces, reminiscent of when cleansing litter packing containers.

The parasite that causes toxoplasmosis can persist in people for years—probably a lifetime—however most individuals don’t develop signs. “Generally, our immune system does an incredible job of managing and treating this parasite, permitting us to dwell our lives with out understanding it,” Harris stated.

However it might trigger some folks to really feel like they’ve the flu. Individuals with weakened immune methods are liable to severe sickness and mind harm in the event that they grow to be contaminated, and creating fetuses might be severely affected if pregnant ladies are uncovered. (For this reason docs generally advise pregnant ladies to keep away from coming into contact with cat litter.)

How are you aware when you’ve got a parasite within the mind?

“You would not understand it your self except somebody seemed it up,” Gardner stated. Typically a affected person’s blood might be examined for antibodies which are produced in response to a parasite. In different instances, docs diagnose infections utilizing an MRI or CT scan.

Therapy choices fluctuate as a result of infections cowl such a variety. Many might be handled with antiparasitic medication, which sufferers might need to take for weeks. Medical doctors may prescribe steroids to alleviate irritation. Some sufferers endure surgical procedure to take away the cysts.

In the USA, severe mind worm infections are uncommon, Pastula stated, “however in different elements of the world they’re extra frequent.”

Happily, many of those infections might be prevented, Pastula stated. To scale back the danger, particularly when touring internationally, it’s advisable to clean your fingers completely earlier than consuming or making ready meals, cook dinner it correctly, and ensure the water you drink is clear.

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