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Ashwati – Will attain self-sufficiency depending on circumstances. There will be discomfort due to irregularities in the diet. The works done will be useful to others.

Bharani – There will be self-fulfillment through the realization of dreams. Anger should be controlled. Duties will increase officially. It will withdraw from the joint venture and start its own fields of activity.

Karthika – Parents’ wishes will come true. Inadequacies in governance will be resolved. Conditions will be met.

Rohini – There will be a happy atmosphere in the family. There will be promotion in the job. There will be self-fulfillment through the realization of dreams.

Maize – Activities will be encouraged. There will be progress in trade and marketing sectors. Will win in arts and sports competitions.

Thiruvathira – Financial gains will decrease in the employment sector. What you do will benefit others. Rigidity should be avoided.

Punartham – Do not make any transaction without documents. There will be help and cooperation from colleagues. Consensus requires relentless effort.

Puyam – Will win arts and sports competitions. There will be stress in work areas and travel difficulties. It is possible to survive the accusations.

Ayylam – There will be an opportunity to apply the knowledge learned. Actions done will be useful to others. Duties will increase at work.

Makam – Can survive external stimuli. Overconfidence should be abandoned.

Pooram – Stay away from arguments. Higher education will get a suitable job. Probability of success will be evaluated and new projects will be designed.

Uttaram – public works will get popular support. Stress will increase in the work sector. A long-cherished foreign trip will come true. Make the most of opportunities.

Atham – Expert advice will be sought to expand the area of ​​operation. One feels self-respect in following the rituals.

Chitira – will win in arts and sports competitions. Will shine in public activities. Conditions will be met. The project will achieve its goals in submission.

Question – New business will be started with the help of a friend. Ideas and wishes will come true. Activities done with devotion will achieve the goal.

Visakham – Professional travel and efforts will result in less results. Be very careful with money transactions. Willing to help colleagues.

Anishadow – There is a possibility of a fall due to carelessness. Income and expenditure will be equal. Official travel will be required. Self-fulfillment will be achieved through unremitting efforts.

Thriketta – Efforts will be fulfilled. Foreign travel will be successful. Will be ready to copy the ideas of great people in life.

Due to – will be ready to compromise to protect self-esteem. Income and expenditure will be equal. Make the most of opportunities.

Puradam – Deviation will come to fixed things. New responsibilities will be taken up with optimism. A mature approach will overcome adversity.

Utratam – Self-fulfilment will be achieved through the fulfillment of desire. Word and deed will be effective. Travel difficulties will increase. Will win in arts and sports competitions. There will be positive success in planned projects.

Thiruvonam – Income and expenditure will be equal. Favorable opportunities will come for students. A pious family atmosphere will be created.

Avitham – the field of work will improve. An atmosphere of peace will be created in the family. Good things get popular support. Conditions will be met.

Cheating – health will be satisfactory. One will witness new discoveries in information technology. A new administration will take over with complete independence.

Pururuttati – will bring many things to the operational level. Will achieve goal in punctuality. Will be ready to follow the fasts.

Uthritathi – Optimism will increase. Personal freedom will pave the way for wish fulfillment. Will succeed in scientific experiments observations.

Revathi – Informative discussions will be successful. Word and deed will be effective. Will be ready to obey the truth. A new system of administration will be adopted.

Content Summary : Weekly Star Prediction by Kanippayyur / 2022 December 04 to 10

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