How about this battery? Javy “el Mago” Báez catching and José “la Mákina” Berríos on the mound ????

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Javy Baez Y José Berríos are two of our favorite players in the Major League Baseball (MLB – Major League Baseball) And we know that watching them play together is the dream of any Latino fan. Well you’re in luck, because the dream came true.

José “la Mákina” Berríos The prominent Minnesota Twins pitcher surprised us all with a video showing how he warms up a couple of pitches before facing a hitter.

But we are already used to seeing the fire it throws Berríos from the mound. What surprised us this time was his catchernothing more and nothing less than the great Javy Baez, who apparently wants to trade shortstop for catching.

Both players are in their native Puerto Rico and took the opportunity to see each other and drop an arm while the Major League Baseball (MLB – Major League Baseball) still suspended.

“We just want to play,” Berríos wrote on his Instagram account.

“What do you think of this battery, JB’s?” He asked The Mákina to his followers. One of them, the legendary gardener of the MLB Shane Victorino also commented on the amazing video “So Amazing,” he said.


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