How and why to turn off your Nintendo Switch?

How and why to completely shut down your Nintendo Switch

If there is one practical thing about Nintendo Switch, it is the possibility of putting it on standby and resuming its game later, without having to restart everything. But this option is so central to the operation of the console thatit is very common to never completely turn off your console. Without being a huge problem, it can lead to some hassle from time to time. So we will see together how and why to turn off your Nintendo Switch.

Why turn off your Nintendo Switch from time to time?

Even if this seems inconsistent to you, as there are many advantages to leaving a Switch Standby (remote download, automatic update, no need to cut your game, quick start, …), it exists arguments in favor of a complete extinction from time to time, even after each game session:

  • Save energy : it is true that the Nintendo Switch is the current console the least energy consuming. But that does not mean that it does not consume anything at all. Throughout its lifetime, a Nintendo Switch will cost you on average 116 € of electricity (this figure varying over the number of years, the price of local electricity, etc.). This is a very vague number as the elements change between each player, but it must be taken into account; remember to turn off your Nintendo Switch regularly, it allows it to ask to be recharged less often and therefore to consume less. If you are in the optics of changing your habits vis-à-vis the planet, this is a small step to consider;
  • Avoid worries ingame : I personally had the problem on the different FIFA went out on Switch, but that is not specific to these. After several game sessions, leaving the console on standby between each, my game took longer to load the menus, was starting to slow down here and there. The solution was simple: restart your console;
  • Preserve battery life (and other components) : just like a laptop, constantly charging its Nintendo Switch and taking the risk of seeing your battery drain completely after a few days of standby can only affect the autonomy of the machine. Turn it off Nintendo Switch after each session, or at least when you do not intend to use it for a few days, will allow you toimprove the longevity of your battery and the rest of the components.

How to turn off your Nintendo Switch?

The few steps to follow are the same whether your console is connected to your TV or not:

  • The first thing to do is simple : Long press the power button on your Nintendo Switch. It’s on the top edge, to the left of the volume buttons.

How to turn off a Nintendo SwitchHow to turn off a Nintendo Switch

  • The second step on goes this time on your console screen, using the touchscreen or your controller, press “Power Options”, then on “Switch off”, or “To restart” if you plan to use it again immediately.

How to turn off a Nintendo SwitchHow to turn off a Nintendo Switch

And there you have it, it’s all over. To turn on your Nintendo Switch, press the power button located on the top edge (the same as for reaching the menu of the first step).

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