How banking apps are disrupting the relationship between banks and their customers

DECRYPTION – 22% of people surveyed as part of a study conducted by Harris Interactive claim to use their banking application more than before the pandemic.

The health crisis has accelerated the digitization of all sectors, and the phenomenon is particularly marked in the banking sector. This use of digital tools is amplified on the side of banking professionals but also of customers. According to a study carried out by Harris Interactive, for the consulting firm Onepoint, 22% of people questioned said they used their banking application more than before the pandemic and 20% had downloaded their main bank’s application to their mobile phones from the start. of the health crisis.

Since early 2020, banks have increasingly relied on “ selfcare ”, Which aims for customers to be able to carry out the majority of their day-to-day operations in complete autonomy. In this sense, 28% of those questioned say they go to agencies less and more than 20% never even go there. “I carry out all my banking transactions directly online or on the application of my bank, it is so

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