How Bercy intends to direct French savings towards businesses

About a hundred financial products invested in French companies have just been labeled. A part is now accessible to the general public.

Can the savings accumulated during the crisis by the French, nearly 130 billion euros, fuel the French economy in times of crisis? The government believes in it and pushes hard. In October, he launched the Relance label. Objective: to put the spotlight on private equity funds which invest their money in French companies. These collective investment undertakings must invest at least 30% in French companies and 10% in SMEs and mid-sized companies (ETI). “Private equity provides fuel for businesses. And it gives meaning to savings. Making promising young shoots the champions of tomorrow, that makes sense ”, explains Christophe Bavaria, Chairman of the Management Board of Idinvest Partners.

There are now more than 120 funds with the Relance label. About fifty products are now available to the general public, through a life insurance contract or a PEA. It is probably not over yet.

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