How can the corona measures be justified?

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How can the widely spread Corona measures be justified? In order to answer this question, our society must, above all, stop suppressing it. A guest post.

WITHu It belongs to the peculiarities of modern societies without a stable valuation background to postpone answers to fundamental questions until the questions no longer arise at some point. This can currently be observed in the discussion about special rights for vaccinated people (or, which, given their much higher number, would also have to be discussed, for those recovered from the disease). With her, given the difficulties of a moral answer, one hopes that the factual preliminary question about the possible risk of infection will only be clarified at a time when so many have been vaccinated or recovered that one can no longer speak of special rights.

Another of these bothersome questions is about the reason for the widespread freedom restrictions of the current lockdown, along with the further question of when this reason loses its justifying force. The most recent amendment to the Infection Protection Act, which should actually have created clarity here, leaves both of these things remarkably open, if the protection of life and health and the prevention of overloading the health system are named as the goal of all measures to be taken. There is no weighting between the two goals. Apparently nobody noticed that it could make a difference in terms of both the intensity and the continuation of the measures which goal you pursue.


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